Designed to adapt to your space, Onok's MICRO Lighting System for longitudinal lighting creates unique compositions for enjoying complete freedom of movement. No project remains indifferent thanks to its slim design.

The interconnection between the different profiles allows for infinite configuration possibilities and any angle between them. Its special swivel joint for wall and floor installation allows for free rotation to ensure that its placement is exactly as intended.

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Discover the functional elegance of Onok's Oval 24V circular track. This low-voltage lighting system offers seamless integration of lighting schemes indoors. With three available compositions – Roll, Spot, and Cone – this luminaire allows for customization that best suits your space.

Ranging from 1 meter to 2.5 meters in standard measurements, this pendant system operates at 24V, ensuring a sophisticated and efficient lighting environment. Explore how Onok's Oval 24V circular track redefines interior lighting standards, combining exceptional performance with understated and elegant design.

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Tiny 48V by Onok, our smallest profile with 48V power supply and compact luminaires. Designed to focus, highlight, and create unique atmospheres within a room. The special dimensions of the entire family make light take center stage in the space.

Tiny 48V by Onok in its various combinations, such as Tube 48V, Micro Line, or fixed and adjustable projectors, allows, together with its minimalist design, to highlight elements of the space, give them prominence, and create unique atmospheres.

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The versatility of our Orbit luminaire provides unique combinations that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any space. Available in four different sizes, it offers the flexibility to focus light on specific elements, perfectly adapting to the needs of your project.

Our designs not only stand out for their elegance but also prioritize energy efficiency and user experience. With a meticulous focus on customization, each Orbit luminaire is designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of environments.

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Discover the timeless elegance of Bell, our traditional bell-shaped luminaire, now available in a suspended version to enhance the beauty of your space with its distinctive design and architectural lines.

Whether used individually or combined at various heights, this luminaire offers a modern aesthetic that adds a touch of sophistication to any environment. Its versatile design allows for the creation of attractive corners that capture attention and bring character to your space.

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Discover the harmony between functionality and style with Glass, Onok's innovative spotlight that redefines technical and ambient lighting with its elegant and versatile design. With a perfect combination of form and function, Glass is the ideal choice to illuminate your projects with a touch of distinction and sophistication.

Glass offers precise technical lighting and enveloping ambient light, all in one product. Thanks to its frosted glass, the light diffuses smoothly and evenly, bringing warmth and comfort to the space.

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Discover innovation in lighting with DIO, Onok's recessed luminaire that merges functionality and design. Designed to elevate your interior projects, it's the perfect choice for those seeking the best in technical and design lighting.

With three different sizes available, its main feature lies in its 24V power supply. Additionally, it offers Turnable White technology, allowing you to adjust the color temperature according to your preferences and specific needs.

With a minimalist, elegant, and innovative design, DIO complements any interior project perfectly.

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Discover perfection in lighting with Dark by Onok. This luminaire offers three types of installation: recessed, surface-mounted, and wall-mounted, providing different options to suit any project. Available in two different sizes, both square and rectangular, each with 4 light points, Dark offers exceptionally intense focused light that transforms any space.

Its clean and minimalist design, with straight and elegant lines, integrates harmoniously into any environment, adding a touch of modernity and distinction to each setting. It offers a low UGR (Unified Glare Rating), ensuring comfortable and glare-free lighting, providing a clean and pleasant visual experience.

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