Our commitment to the environment.

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In today's world, where concern for climate change and the conservation of natural resources is on the rise, sustainability has become a central issue in all industries. The lighting industry is no exception, as it plays a crucial role in energy consumption and environmental footprint.

At Onok Lighting, we recognize the fundamental importance of sustainability in the lighting industry. Since our inception, we have been committed to leading the way towards a more sustainable future by integrating responsible practices into every aspect of our business.

We want you to understand that this is not just empty talk, as our involvement is real and serious. In the world of lighting, it's challenging to consider the environment because the energy and materials used come from the resources generated by our planet, which subsequently become waste. However, there are many ways to reduce this inevitable impact, and we want to show you what they are.


We surround ourselves with great professionals who also aim to make the world a better place.

Our suppliers dedicated to aluminum extrusion have helped us achieve a recycled aluminum utilization ratio of 39% in our production in recent years.


Our packaging comes from companies that specialize in producing a variety of solutions based on cardboard made from responsibly sourced virgin wood and recycled fiber.

One of the premises we consider is that these companies are accredited by the FSC, a global organization dedicated to promoting responsible and sustainable forest management.

Thanks to these types of actions, we have managed to significantly reduce our environmental impact. Additionally, one of the steps we have taken in recent years is to request our suppliers to send us materials without plastic wrapping.


In most cases, our suppliers are geographically close for two reasons:

  • Control of manufacturing processes: It's crucial for us to understand our suppliers' manufacturing processes. This allows us to control product quality and, most importantly, to assess their practices and environmental considerations.

  • Reduction of carbon footprint: Working with local suppliers significantly reduces our carbon footprint by minimizing transportation distances and promoting sustainability in our operations.

Other Materials.

One of our differentiating factors is our Custom Design service for our clients. And this sometimes involves the use of specific materials to meet certain needs.

For some luminaires, we use acoustic panels that, apart from reducing noise pollution, are manufactured with entirely recycled and organic materials.

Micro System

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Here you can immerse yourself in numerous projects made with our different luminaires.

Orbit Family

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