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Discover all the possibilities of the Micro system.

Micro has been meticulously designed to seamlessly fit into any environment, offering endless configuration possibilities to meet your specific needs. Whether you're designing a commercial space, a modern home, or a cutting-edge architectural project, Micro is here to elevate the lighting experience to new heights.

With its sleek design and clean lines, Micro not only illuminates your space but also becomes a centerpiece of your interior design. Its ability to create interconnected or individual compositions allows you to unleash your creativity and design a unique ambiance that reflects your personal style.

Freedom of movement is key with Micro. Thanks to the jack connectors, interconnection between profiles is easy and versatile, allowing you to adjust the configuration according to your needs and create custom angles with ease.

Whether you're looking for a lighting solution for a residential, commercial, or architectural project, Micro offers you the flexibility and performance you need. Choose from a variety of lengths and components to design the perfect setup that suits your space and style.

Variety of accessories.

Micro 24V stands out for its great versatility and adaptability to any environment, which is why it has several connection systems when being installed. On one hand, there is the pendant attachment, which consists of a minimalist steel tensioner that will make your system levitate in the environment.

On the other hand, we have the top attachment, designed to connect the end of the system directly to any surface, whether it's a ceiling or a wall, made up of two interconnected pieces by a hinge with a range of 90º.

Finally, we have the floor attachment, which as its name suggests, has been created to be able to take the end of the micro directly to the ground. Also made up of two interconnected pieces by a hinge with a bending capacity of 90º.
Odoo - Prueba 1 a tres columnas

Top instalation.

The most versatile installation, with a swivel that allows the luminaire to adapt to any space.

Odoo - Prueba 1 a tres columnas

Floor installation.

With an adhesive plate that allows fixing or not fixing the profile on the floor. Its swivel, like on the wall, allows for precise positioning of the profile.

Odoo - Prueba 3 a tres columnas

Pendant instalation.

With hanging suspension, it adapts to any space and position thanks to the design of the fasteners.

Odoo - Prueba 2 a tres columnas

Vertical installation.

Perfect for large spaces with openings where hanging luminaires can be installed.


Thanks to all the components of Micro that offer a wide variety of installation opportunities and the diverse range of drivers with different power options, Micro 24V is capable of adopting two types of formats: individual or system.


The individual format simply consists of a luminaire in different sizes. For installation, you have the opportunity to choose the same accessory for each end or, alternatively, a different accessory for each one. It all depends on the needs and creativity of the project.


In the system format, we have an interconnection of luminaires, reaching the possibility of creating compositions of more than 14 meters. In this case, the system can have all varieties of installation, requiring to choose the corresponding installation accessory for each of its ends.

Design your composition.

Any composition is possible and combinable with any type of surface.  Choose from components that best fit your space: recessed, mini-recessed, and frameless for false ceilings, and surface-mounted for concrete ceilings.

Are you interested in this product?

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