What is Custom Designs?

At Onok Lighting, we understand that each project has its own unique needs and requirements. That's why we offer the possibility to customize our luminaires within established parameters, transforming a basic luminaire into the perfect solution for your space. From material selection to the adaptation of compositions, dimensions, and finishes, our team is dedicated to turning your vision into reality. Discover how we can make your ideas shine with their own light.


Imagine a world where we could create without limits.

In the field of interior design, we often have unique ideas that are limited by the opportunities provided by lighting firms. But at Onok Lighting, we want to go further. That's why we embrace creativity and personalized design. We encourage you to unleash your imagination and feel free to offer your clients any color, size, and composition to illuminate the projects they once dreamed of.

Different compositions.

For many years, we have had Onok Lab, our technical department, where we have a team of great professionals who are responsible for designing each luminaire from scratch.

This, together with our production facility consisting of numerous industrial machines that manufacture the final product comprehensively, gives us the freedom to modify many of our luminaires with great flexibility.

Play your color.

Don't worry, we understand that we all have preferences and often want to find the perfect color to achieve the ideal harmony our project needs.

That's why we have a workshop dedicated solely to finding the perfect color for your product. It will never be a problem again to find that perfect luminaire that isn't available in the color you need.

Let us show you some examples.

Long Focus Zoom.

This time, our client Porcelanosa needed a Focus Zoom with a perfect grip on its ceiling rose with different sizes, to be able to focus each of its porcelain samples correctly.

The Focus Zoom projector gives you the ability to adjust the focal point of illumination to your liking. Along with the 1 cm diameter steel rod, it offers the perfect distance from the ceiling rose to its exact position in front of the product samples that need highlighting.

Focus Ring & Balo Ring.

This hybrid product is born from the combination of the Hoop family with any luminaire. By using the rounded profile of the Hoop family along with a special joint for projectors, we ensure that both products fit perfectly, paying attention to every detail

It's a luminaire created 'ad-hoc' to meet the customer's needs. From conceptual design, technical design, electrical planning, prototypes to the final solution, it's a complete process that our technical department rigorously follows in these types of developments.

Click Focus 25 x 3.

In this case, we present the modification of a click system module. We assemble 3 units of Focus 25 in a single module, providing different lighting points in a very compact manner.

Hoop with acoustic panel.

Many times, we face projects that require more than just lighting. In the world of interior design, there are cases where it's necessary to integrate different functionalities into a single element to meet the needs of the client, the space, and efficiency. In this case, we present a fusion between our Hoop luminaire and a recycled acoustic panel, which, in addition to meeting the project's aesthetic requirements, helps reduce noise and align with environmental considerations.

This method is widely used, especially in leisure spaces like restaurants. By strategically placing these types of luminaires over key areas such as tables, they effectively absorb noise, creating a pleasant environment for all attendees.

Acoustic Micro System.

Here's another clear example of how we adapt any type of project to different luminaires. Following the concept of the Acoustic Hoop, arose the need to transpose the same concept to the micro system.

We transferred the same idea of recycled acoustic panels but this time camouflaged, creating a clustered effect alongside the actual luminaires.

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