In Onok we have a technical  department
just to product development.

Here dreams come true.

OnokLab presents himself as the technical department inside of Onok Lighting, the laboratory which manage the continuous new product design and the improvement of the luminaires in our catalog.

Custom product.

In OnokLAB we work together with our clients in way to offer them the products that best fits to their requirements, we always offer a custom support.

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All products pass quality controls before being lauched to the marked. The previous phases to the launch of a product are as important as those of the design of the product itself, so in this phases the correct working of the product is checked and this feedback is applied on the product thanks to the improvements made in the successive prototypes of the final product.

Thanks to 3D impression we get functional prototypes that gives a complete view of the luminaire. With them we define final dimensions and tolerances. 
Odoo • Texto e imagen
Odoo • Imagen y texto

Lab tests.

To ensure the correct working and durability of all luminairesall of them are tested both internally, in the product definition phases, and externally to certify the luminaires in accordance with European regulations.

Design according with european production standards while producing durable luminaires is our goal, for these reason, temperature, light flux and consumption tests are part of our work diagram.

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