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Our most compact profile.

Our most compact profile, with a 48V power supply and luminaires of reduced dimensions, is designed to focus, highlight, and create unique atmospheres within a room. The special dimensions of the entire family make light take center stage in the space.

Onok's Tiny 48V, in its various combinations such as Tube 48V, Micro Line, or fixed and adjustable projectors, allows, together with its minimalist design, to highlight elements of the space, give them prominence, and create unique atmospheres.

Choose the version that suits you best.

Our most compact profile is available in two different installation formats: surface-mounted or pendant, so that you can adapt both the functionality and the aesthetics of your luminaires to the environment you need.


Any composition is possible and combinable with any type of surface. Choose the lengths and design the configuration that best suits your space.

The Tiny 48V system allows installation on different surfaces while ensuring the interconnection of the profiles thanks to its connection points at various angles.

Design your hanging composition and choose all the components that best fit your space.
Create interconnected lines or individual compositions. It adapts to any space and position thanks to the versatility of the tensioners.


The wide range of luminaires we offer for the Tiny System 48V will help you find the perfect solution for your project. From spotlights to LED strips or even pendant luminaires, through which you can create a large variety of compositions by combining them together. But that's not all; you'll be surprised by how easy they are to install.

How to connect the luminaires?

One of the noteworthy features of the Tiny System 48V is the simplicity it provides in its use, which in turn adds to the safety and absence of danger due to its low voltage. This compact profile is composed of an aluminum rail that contains a silicone rubber inside covering the two cables, positive and negative, which will supply electricity to the lighting components.

Each component consists of a plate containing its own driver and two metal pins which, with gentle pressure against the silicone rubber, manage to penetrate to the electrical source. On each side, there are two screws that, once tightened, cause two plates to exert pressure against the rails, anchoring them perfectly.

One notable point is that you can change the position of the luminaires as many times as you want, since the material covering the cables will return to its original shape, covering the holes made by the pins of the luminaires.

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