Onok Luz Técnica, S.L., is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture, lighting consultancy and marketing of technical lighting for indoor and outdoor use, both in the domestic and export markets.

The management is committed to comply with this Quality and Environmental Management Policy, acquiring a commitment with the requirements and needs of our customers.

This commitment is based on the following guidelines:

▪ Innovate, manufacture and provide technical advice on our products.

- To design according to customer needs, offering the most energy efficient solutions in LED technology, minimizing the environmental impact.

- Conduct energy efficiency studies advising on projects to replace conventional lighting with systems with lower consumption, reducing CO2 emissions.

- To know the requirements of the international markets in which we operate through our delegations.

▪ Compliance with applicable regulations

- Establish a Quality and Environmental Management System that complies with ISO 9001-ISO 14001 standards.

- To certify our products through accredited laboratories, in the directives for CE marking and RoHS.

▪ Establishment of objectives, goals and programs.

- Provide the necessary resources to achieve management's strategic objectives.

- To follow up on them, using the proposed indicators.

▪ Customer satisfaction

- To understand the needs and expectations of our customers, in order to achieve customer loyalty and increase the satisfaction of the end user of our products.

- Respond to possible claims that may arise from the performance of the activity, as a way to solve customer and user dissatisfaction.

- To make our team aware of the importance of knowing the needs of our customers, providing improvements to achieve their satisfaction.

▪ Relationship with strategic and structural suppliers.

- To carry out a continuous selection and evaluation of our suppliers.

- Schedule periodic inspections of component production lines.

- Work closely with the supplier for the improvement of the technology of the

components in relation to the current state of the art.

▪ Staff participation.

- Staff training to improve their professional skills.

- Motivate the detection of risks and strengths of the processes, in order to establish

opportunities for improvement.

- Encourage the participation and active involvement of the personnel, for the optimization of

the processes.

▪ Protection of the health and integrity of personnel

- Comply with the applicable legal regulations on risk prevention.


- Evaluate the risks to which the workers are exposed, derived from the

performance of the activity, so that these are minimized.

▪ Protection of the environment and its surroundings

- Complying with environmental regulations at the end of the useful life of the

our product, associated with an integrated system for waste recycling.


- To sensitize, train and raise awareness among personnel about respect for the environment.

- Promote appropriate environmental behavior among external personnel.

- Preventing pollution, using resources rationally, thus reducing waste, and

consumption and atmospheric emissions.

- Manage selective waste collection to facilitate recycling.

The Management of Onok Luz Técnica, S.L. undertakes to review and modify this policy of

the above-mentioned sections are still in force, and that your company's

content is consistent with the company's objectives, as well as with the company's expectations and

needs of our customers and stakeholders.


Abril 2021

Xàtiva (Valencia)

This document is a statement of Onok Luz Técnica, S.L., drafted jointly with Hilván Consultores, S.L. (www.hilvanconsultores.es).