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Craft your own minimalist lighting environment

Discover pioneering advancements in lighting through our Tube System. This innovative solution not only ensures superior illumination but also offers a distinctive and flexible visual appeal. With the Tube System, you have the freedom to customize your lighting to perfectly match any environment, whether it be in commercial or residential settings.

Explore the infinity of possibilities.

Explore the endless possibilities of the Tube System to create exceptional configurations that enhance the beauty and functionality of your surroundings. Discover how this system can dramatically transform your space, offering unforgettable lighting experiences.

From one to four luminaires.

Not only do you decide the path of your design, but you can also choose between 1 and 4 luminaires with the cable size you need. Thanks to its multi-outlet canopy, you'll be able to set an environment with the perfect amount of light, whether it's about design or efficiency.


Envision a focal point within your interior that not only provides illumination but also infuses it with a touch of unique flair. With our canopy, you have the liberty to elevate your lighting experience. From contemporary geometric arrangements to refined minimalist concepts, the options abound. These fixtures transcend mere mounting points, serving as the gateway to crafting distinctive and enchanting illuminated spaces.

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Micro System

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Here you can immerse yourself in numerous projects made with our different luminaires.

Orbit Family

Our most versatile recessed luminaire!