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BICEPS is a light tower and bollard designed for architectural spaces with functional low glare light output. It is generally installed in walkways, parks, commercial areas and open spaces to illuminate the areas and give direction to people. It is designed and built for a high power COB LED utilizing top performance vacuum metalized reflector. It generates an even symmetrical downward light distribution and emits no upward light in accordance to light pollution regulation. Manufactured in impact resistant welded aluminium structure and maximized thermal management through integrated heat sink. Available in six colors and coated with Nano Ceramic film and super durable polyester powder. BICEPS is a bold statement to a modern landscape.

Electrical Component
No regulable
LED 869 , LED 873 , LED 870 , LED 874
Blanco , Negro
W mA Temp. Lum. CRI

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716,00 € 716,00 € 716.0 EUR

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