How to save on electricity with our products
In this article we will show you how to save on electricity with our products, making the best use of them. Tips to achieve it and many more.
14 March, 2022 by
How to save on electricity with our products
Jose Aparici

Do you need to learn how to avoid high electricity consumption? Below, we will guide you step by step to achieve it.

Tips for saving on electricity through the proper use of our products

As it is well known, one of the most expensive services nowadays is electricity. Taking this into account, the companies in charge of supplying it have implemented different tariff contracts so that you, as a consumer, can choose the one that suits you best.

Electricity companies also offer you the possibility of paying for your monthly consumption or obtaining a fixed amount depending on the power you have contracted. It is clear that the lower the power, the lower the cost. However, you should know with which power all your equipment will work properly and what to do in order to save on electricity.

How to obtain the necessary information for the most suitable contracts?

You can access this information through a special calculator that you will find on the online pages of electricity companies. You can also get tariffs with hourly discrimination, which will allow you to plan your usage according to the hours of the day when your consumption is cheaper. You choose the plan that best suits you. You can make your contracts through:

       The commercial offices of the electricity supply companies.

       Via telephone

       Vía online

The data you should have at hand in order to calculate the ideal electrical power for your home and/or office are:

       The size in square meters

       The number of inhabitants or workers (as the case may be).

       If there is electric heating and air conditioning.

       Number of electrical appliances owned, among others.

Steps to take into account so that our electricity consumption does not increase

These tips will help you to avoid wasting your money and to keep the environment safe. In many cases, just by making certain changes, you can reduce your electricity consumption.

Some of the changes you could execute are:

        Insulate the place. When windows, doors, ventilation ducts in homes or offices are not perfectly insulated, they cause an increase in electricity consumption. This can be done by professionals in the field. You can also do it yourself using insulating materials such as silicone bands, for example.

        Change light bulbs. Replacing halogen lamps with LED lamps will make a big difference in the electric bill. It can also help to install presence or luminosity sensors, compatible with our luminaires,

 which will reduce unnecessary consumption.

        Disconnect equipment. Keeping electrical equipment connected that is not in use generates electricity consumption, even if it is turned off. Therefore, it is advisable to unplug them.

        Bathing in a few minutes. The water heater can lead to a substantial increase in electricity costs. It is advisable to turn off the shower while shampooing and soaping. Do not spend more than 10 minutes washing.

        Turn off the lights. It is important not to keep the lights on in places you are not occupying.

        Do not use hot water to wash your clothes.

        The heaters can be used at a temperature of 40º C, instead of 60º C as indicated by the manufacturers. In this way, apart from saving energy costs, you will protect your pipes and your body's health.

        Invest in energy-efficient equipment

, such as our luminaires.

Steps to take into account so that our electricity consumption does not increase

As you can see, it is important to take into account even the smallest details regarding the actions you should take with respect to energy consumption. These will be the ones that will allow you to control your excessive spending of light, collaborate with your budget and with the care of the nature that surrounds you.

Were you interested in this article, how to save electricity with our products? Do not forget to put into practice what is described in it, you will benefit completely.