It stands out for both its aesthetics and functionality, offering flexible lighting for each project.

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Pendant LED luminaire

Homogeneous lighting with high luminous flux and low UGR (Unified Glare Rating) thanks to its special optics and customizable measurements. It offers maximum visual comfort to the space. Perfect luminaire for workspaces where maximum concentration is needed.

Luminous efficiency

Discover the new Dark Light technical profiling designed to optimize the performance and energy savings of businesses. Dark Light illumination, aesthetic even when the light is turned off.

Energy savings

Efficient optics, we help you minimize your company's expenses.

Special optics

Perfectly distributed light points, versatile luminaire with great personality.


We carry out quality controls in our research department.

 Are you aware of the benefits of having proper lighting?
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Micro System

Do you want to see our new micro system?


Here you can immerse yourself in numerous projects made with our different luminaires.

Orbit Family

Our most versatile recessed luminaire!