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Elegance and functionality in their purest state.

Discover the functional elegance of Onok's Oval 24V circular track. This low-voltage lighting system provides seamless integration of lighting schemes indoors. With three available compositions: Roll, Spot, and Cone, this luminaire allows for customization that best suits your space.

With standard measurements ranging from 1 meter to 2.5 meters, this pendant system operates at 24V, ensuring a sophisticated and efficient lighting environment. Explore how Onok's Oval 24V circular track redefines interior lighting standards, combining exceptional performance with a discreet and elegant design.

Oval 24V Roll.

In the case of the Roll luminaire for mounting the Oval 24V, we have a highly aesthetic profile that fits seamlessly into any environment and style.

Its functionality stands out because it features 3 focal points for every 0.5 meters of installation, thus offering a higher level of uniform light than others.

Perfect for work or leisure spaces where a luminaire is needed to blend in while fulfilling an aesthetic and, above all, functional role.

Oval 24V Cone.

The Cone mounting for the Oval 24V works perfectly for environments where the luminaire requires a bit more attention, being a fundamental part of the scene in question.
Cone offers a focal point for every 0.5 meters with a broader focus, achieving a more generous lighting ratio as a result.

Oval 24V Spot.

Spot stands out as the most minimalist option among the three siblings. Ideal for spaces where lighting plays a less significant role, but an elegant, minimalist, and functional option is still necessary.

The Spot mounting features a focal point for every 0.5 meters of installation, with a more limited focus in terms of amplitude ratio, providing more direct light in specific points.

Oval 24V Balo.

The mounting for the Oval 24V Balo is ideal for environments where the luminaire is meant to be a standout and essential element in the ambiance.

The round sphere of the Balo provides a soft focal point every 0.5 meters, distributing light evenly and creating a broad and welcoming atmosphere.

Are you interested in this product?

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