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Outdoor lighting is much more than a simple functional tool; it is an art that transforms and enhances architecture and the environment. At Onok Lighting, we understand that well-designed lighting can work wonders, highlighting the unique features of each space and creating atmospheres that invite living and enjoyment.

Our new line of outdoor lighting is designed to meet each of our clients' requirements, offering solutions that combine aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Discover how Onok Lighting can transform your outdoor spaces into true luminous masterpieces.

Double coating.

To withstand diverse climatic zones and extreme environments, Onok Lighting has enhanced quality levels in the painting process through "double coating." This process, carried out at the client's request, ensures corrosion resistance for over 1500 hours of salt spray testing and guarantees the durability of our outdoor luminaires over time, meeting QUALICOAT specifications.

LED Protection Systems.

Most of our lighting products are equipped with advanced protection devices that make them durable and meet all customer expectations. These protection methods include:

  • XVP: Protects LEDs against surges, polarity reversals, and ensures electrical continuity in the LED series in case one or more LEDs fail.

  • NTC Temperature Sensor: Protects LEDs from excessive temperatures, prolonging their lifespan.

  • WPS: Integrated within the luminaire body, it protects LEDs against water infiltration caused by cable connection errors.

  • CA Valve: Prevents the formation of condensation inside the lighting fixtures.

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