The French National Rugby League Illuminates its New Offices
23 February, 2024 by
The French National Rugby League Illuminates its New Offices
Carlos Tortosa

Vincent Eschalier transforms the offices of the French National Rugby League with a new project in collaboration with Onok Lighting

In the world of lighting design, every project is an opportunity to blend creativity, functionality, and style. Alongside architect Vincent Eschalier, Onok Lighting is proud to present one of its latest projects: the new offices of the French National Rugby League, where our passion for innovation is reflected in every detail of this exciting project.

Working with Eschalier, we carefully selected a variety of luminaires to create an ambiance that reflects the energy and intensity of rugby, while also providing functionality and aesthetics.

Together, these luminaires have transformed the new offices of the French National Rugby League into a space that not only meets the functional demands of day-to-day operations but also celebrates the beauty and excitement of the sport. We are honored to have been part of this exciting project and hope that the lighting we have created continues to inspire and delight all who experience it.

Drone: Minimalist Elegance.

Its minimalist and elegant design makes it ideal for work areas and common spaces, fostering collaboration and creativity with a simple yet aesthetic format.

Tube Pendant: Modern Industrial Style.

Add a touch of modern industrial style to meeting and lounge areas, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Kono: Functional Innovation.

A recessed luminaire perfect for surrounding areas, ensuring optimal lighting without sacrificing style.

Focus: Highlighting Illumination.

Highlight architectural features and décor with focused and adjustable light, adding depth and dimension.

Line: Visual Comfort in Work Environments.

Provides comfortable lighting in work environments, promoting concentration and well-being.

Studio: Vincent Eschalier
Photo: Axel Dahl

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