Lighting design plays a fundamental role in energy savings
15 September, 2018 by
Oficina técnica

A lot has happened since 1994, when an entrepreneur took his sample case and hit the streets to sell luminaires.

For some time now we have entered a maelstrom of aesthetic and, above all, technological innovations, especially with LED and the infinite possibilities and benefits that lighting focused on well-being has for human beings.

In Onok we have grown without losing the essence, we have evolved with lighting and now we are able to offer the latest technologies with avant-garde and innovative designs thanks to our design department. In addition, we have a wide commercial network and technicians specialized in offering the customer the most appropriate solutions to their needs.

This year it is time to celebrate that this first quarter of a century has treated us well and that we continue working with more strength than ever and with the entrepreneurial spirit of that brave man.