Creating a lighting system with a few Clicks

At Onok Lighting, we are pioneers on using a computer configurator for creating customized luminaires. Now we have followed the path opened by our CUSTOMILED and we have created the first online configurator of modular lighting systems: The CLICK SYSTEM TOOL, created to configure a unique and personalized modular lighting system.

This revolutionary composition system allows to select one by one all the characteristics of a Click System, in order to create unique modular solutions that suits the best for each project. Each user can choose the length, the installation type, the regulation, the colour temperature, the beam angle and the finishes of both the profiles and the modules, creating at the end a series of unique combinations.

This simple tool has been developed to help lighting designers, architects and decorators on the task of searching specific products for each project.

This system joins the series of online tools developed by Onok Lighting focused on the improvement of usability for architects, decorators and designers. These tools are the CUSTOMILED, a space in which unique codes can be generated for personalized luminaires, and the MY PROJECTS space, where each user can register their projects, request quotes and print, with just one click, all the necessary technical documentation for the tender and personalized with your name, the name of the project, architect, decorator, location of the project, etc.

In short, the web is a revolutionary site on lighting market, since it has several useful tools for improving lighting project planning and bidding by simplifying all the search management, documentation, requests / queries, with just a few clicks.