Onok Lab, the Valencian laboratory of light that revolutionizes the light regulation

24 janvier, 2019

Onok Lab, the Valencian R+D company linked to Onok Lighting, has implemented a novel Wireless system for luminaires that allows a DALI regulation without the need for additional wiring.

With this new system, you can adjust the brightness of the luminaires (from 0 to 100%) individually or jointly, creating pre-established scenes to achieve unique environments or sequences previously configured to be sequenced or operate in a loop.

With a small bluetooth signal receiver, any mobile device becomes a powerful dimmer through an application available for iOS and Android. It also offers the possibility of a receiver-sensor, which can detect the presence and the ambient luminosity, adapting the scene to both conditions.

In the absence of mobile devices that act as regulators, this new system also offers the possibility of communicating with a piezo switch that allows the specification of up to 4 different scenes without any wiring or special installation.

This novel Wireless regulation system offered by Onok Lighting for its Linear Systems, allows all the benefits of a DALI regulation without having to adapt the electrical installation with 5 cables, so we can adapt any installation to digital regulation.

Onok Lab, is a company linked to Onok Lighting specially created for research, development and innovation in lighting and working on the development of innovative products adapted to new technologies and market needs.

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