CLICK SYSTEM, the first modular lighting system by Onok Lighting at Light & Building 2018.

At Onok Lighting team have been betting on innovation for years and at last Light & Building 2018 they introduced to the market their first modular lighting system, the Click System.

Unlike other systems in the market, whose solution is based on electrified tracks and magnetized modules, for the Click System Onok has developed an exclusive way to connect luminaire modules to a profile, which provides a better aesthetic solution, since the unions are invisible. In addition, this system is simpler to install and assemble tan others: with a simple “Click” we connect it and with another click we anchor it to the profile, hence its name.

Other advantages of using an aluminium profile instead of an electrified track are efficiency and respect for the environment. By using a profile instead of an electrified lane, the user can make longer lengths without loss of tension. In addition, the production in aluminium extrusion is less polluting and produces less waste than the production of electrified rails because high temperatures are not needed and drastically reduce the amount of copper used. For all this Click System is a more sustainable product than other market alternatives.

Onok Lighting has also presented a complete new range of products, reinventing the traditional technical luminaires with smaller dimensions but higher outputs, in order to create high efficiency lamps with more aesthetic shapes. His product collections are projectors called Focus, pendant light called Tube and new cardan light called Ringo Box.

Finally, for those who are more willing to see new industrial products, Onok Lighting had worked on introducing the new Industry range of products from which we might highlight the Pixel, a product extremely technical product with high efficiency specially made for installation on very high ceilings and big department stores.