In Onok we have a technical product development department.

Do you want to know how we work? We tell you how Onok Lab works.

Quality has always been one of our main objectives, both in service and in products.

To guarantee the standards in our products, we use top quality components from the best manufacturers in the world and we work with different laboratories, institutes and universities in the development of our designs.

It is important to say that we not only have a rigorous quality control in place in our products and designs, but also internally, we follow a project management methodology to ensure the highest quality customer support.

Information management, staff training, customer assistance and project management, everything is properly documented in order to offer a integral solution

Made in Spain

Product manufactured 100% in Spain with a large majority of national suppliers.


We know the quality abou what we manufacture. We offer a 2-year warranty on our products.

Lab tests

All of our product is rigorously tested.


Everday we trust in our in our politics for a more sustainable future.

Onok commitment

We are committed to the environment, at Onok we have a green plan that includes new measures to help promote sustainable solutions.