Cada vez más es necesario poder regular la luz interior en función de los factores externos, la luz ambiental, las necesidades de trabajo, el momento del día o muchos otros factores. Hacer este tipo de instalaciones en un edificio ya construido puede ser complicado y costoso puesto que se requiere un tipo de regulación Dali y el cambio de la instalación puede conllevar un coste importante. Para evitar esto, la solución puede pasar por la utilización de un sistema de regulación por Bluetooth.

It is increasingly necessary to be able to regulate the interior light in terms of external factors, ambient light, work needs, time of day or many other factors.

It is demonstrated by numerous studies the importance of correct lighting at different times of the day depending on the activities. Being able to adapt lighting to our biorhythms both in colour and intensity is essential to improve the health of people both personally and professionally.

Making this type of facility in a building already built can be complicated and expensive since a Dali type of regulation is required and the change of the installation can entail a significant cost. To avoid this, the solution can go using a Bluetooth regulation system.

This system, thanks to an antenna and an app, converts a smartphone into a Dali control unit, which communicates with the luminaires, in this way we can maintain the old installation and only change the connection between the luminaires and the need to carry out works. In addition, this system is compatible with motion and light sensors, being able to program the intensity and colour of the interior lighting according to external factors and presence.

In the market there are several solutions in this sense and from Onok we offer this solution, in principle, for the Click system, a linear system of combination of luminaires with which we can achieve several environments with a single installation of easy assembly.

To learn more you can download our Bluetooth catalogue or try the Click System configurator to create a unique lighting system.


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